Buy Viagem a Portugal 17th by Saramago (ISBN: ) from José Saramago was born in Portugal in and has been a full-time writer since. Buy VIAGEM A PORTUGAL by José Saramago (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. When José Saramago decided to write a book about Portugal some twenty years ago, his only desire Foi atribulada a viagem de José Saramago a Portugal.

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O Convento de Tomar eh o portico, eh o coro manuelino, eh a charola, eh saramgao grande anela, eh o claustro. Solo i viaggiatori finiscono May 24, Jolanta Sarqmago rated it really portuagl it Shelves: At the end of certain pages, the reader begins to gain a complicity with the so-called “traveler”, a character who gives life to the writer himself, doing a self-evaluation. If you talk to him in a bar or the cloister of a monastery if could change your life.

Jul 24, Jess rated it liked it. Sao muitas aa voltas para chegar a Fatima. Ir ao Museu de Aveiro eh uma aventura. Saramago’s gift for turning anything into a story shines through in this travelogue which even manages to make Portugal seem worth a visit.

Lists with This Book. Having written that, Saramago’s gift for turning anything into a story shines through in this travelogue which even manages to make Portugal seem worth a visit.

Journey to Portugal – Wikipedia

No trivia or quizzes yet. Visiting monuments of superior cultural interest, in the context of the Viatem people churches, museums, monasteriesmixed with some words with their personal stamp, I should not consider this work the most meritorious of Saramago. Saramago asked a lot of questions, observed, got lost, met some sramago encounters and documented his native Portugal.

Mar 19, Salvatore rated it it was ok. Culpa sua, culpa do acaso, ou irremediavel necessidade, diga-o quem souber.

José Saramago. Viagem pelo Portugal () | the senses of portugal

Umesto svega toga dobio sam putovanje jednog zaljubljenika u arhitekturu, vajarstvo i donekle slikarstvo. Su gusto por los detalles de la historia del arte. But it is a comprehensive road trip across the country, looking at the churches and some of the people who find themselves living in their small town, either affected or unaffected by the religious and folkloric artifacts around them.


Saramago is a wonderful writer, and I was finally able to appreciate his observations. Perhaps I will pick up the book in Portuguese and try it one more time. Published March 6th by Mariner Books first published A foundation with his name was established in ; its main aims are cultural promotion, particularly of Portuguese literature and authors.

Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in I have tried to read this book twice, both times never making it past 30 pages or so.

Journey to Portugal: In Pursuit of Portugal’s History and Culture

Easily a three star rating. Maybe it is the narrative voice josw uses. Read this one at a fast skimming pace. Roba che ti ricorda la dodicesima minestra di capellini dell’indimenticabile Gian Burrasca. Un infinito ripetersi di paesini di campagna che sembrano tutti uguali, con la stessa chiesa consacrata sempre allo stesso santo ci saranno almeno trentacinque Chiese Madri e almeno venti Nossa Senhora de Annunciacaogli stessi azulejos, le stesse statue, gli stessi chiostri.

O Viajante ah escolheu o seu. But I think I would have to take a year out of my life to follow his journey with the kind of respect and attention that would be his due.

Possibile che il Vecchio di Azinhaga non si sia accorto che dall’amore immenso saramaho porta alla sua terra non ha ottenuto di meglio che un gravoso mattone manco fosse un faccia vista ancora caldo di fornace? Belmonte eh a terra de Pedro Alvares Cabral, aquele que em chegou ao Brasil e cujo retrato, em medalha, se diz estar no claustro dos Jeronimos.

Return to Book Page. E’ stato nel duemila, quando in occasione del Giubileo sono partito dall’Emilia e sono giunto a Roma a piedi traversando tutta la Toscana e l’alto Lazio per sentieri, paesini, villaggi; godendomi ogni singola edicola,ogni singolo fosso, ogni animale selvatico che mi travversava la strada per i boschi.

Want to Read Portuga Reading Read. O Convento de Mafra eh grande. Il viaggio non finisce mai. You have to see what you missed the first time, see again, what you already saw, see in springtime what you saw in summer, in daylight what you saw at night, see the sun shining where you saw the rain falling, see the crops growing, the fruit ripen, the stone which has moved, the shadow that was not there before.


Sometimes it helps; sometimes, not. He focuses largely on churches and castles, appears to shun companionship and the new – while remaining aloof and treating his surroundings with a slight air of pomposity.

To travel is to discover; a tourist only encounters. His work includes plays, poetry, short stories, nonfiction, and seven novels, including Baltasar and Blimunda vizgem The History of the Seige of Lisbon. Nov 16, Frank O’connor rated it really liked it.

You have to start the journey anew.

Though this doesn’t purport to be a guide book, I’d hoped to either be immersed in the storytelling or at least have it augment my sense of place during recent travels to Portugal. This voyage is going to be a great one!

Amanda Hopkinson translates contemporary literature, mainly from Latin America, and reviews for leading British newspapers. He was also a well known communist and only once did he visit saramao collective in the Alentejo. I started this while in Lisbon, but put it down pretty quickly. Democracy is still young and the country is very poor.

Forfeiting sources of information such as tourist guides and road maps, he scours the country with the eyes and ears of an observer fascinated by the ancient myths and history of his people.

Is saarmago a better guide? For me it was the opposite. Sempre” Pri “Prenda il lettore, le pagine che seguono come sfida e invito.