On 30th July , in Prague, a number of prominent Catholics were defenestrated and fell to their deaths ; this was the beginning of the Hussite rebellion (the. Hussite Wars, series of conflicts in the 15th cent., caused by the rise of the Hussites [1] in Bohemia and Moravia. Jan Žižka, hero of the Hussite Wars, stormed the building with several supporters and threw the burgomaster and many of the town councilors from the windows.

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The Unity of the Brethren, a Hussite group, went underground, only surfacing in Bohemia in After an unsuccessful attempt of storming the city, the crusaders retreated somewhat ingloriously on hearing that the Hussite troops were approaching. These Hussites taught that Christians should separate themselves from the state and refuse to fight even for secular rulers, ears Christians must always practice love.

Papal influence had meanwhile succeeded in calling forth hhussite new crusade against Bohemia, but it resulted in complete failure. A league was formed by certain lords, [ who? J’accepte En savoir plus.

The Hussite Wars were notable for the extensive use of early hand-held firearms such as hand cannons. Modern Language Association http: The carts were joined wheel to wheel by chains and positioned aslant, with their corners attached to each other, so that hussitte could be harnessed to them quickly, if necessary.

New Edition, Translation, and Interpretation”. From the huwsite of the sixteenth century the inheritors of the Hussite tradition in Bohemia were included in the more general name of “Protestants” which they shared with other supporters of the Reformation.


Musée Virtuel du Protestantisme

Catholic ChurchCrusades and allies: He undertook to translate the Scriptures into Czech, which helped to stabilize the Czech language. He was released inand participated in the Hussite invasion of Silesia. The Hussites’ battle consisted hsusite two stages, the first defensive, the second an offensive counterattack.

In order to preserve their settlement and spread their ideology, they waged bloody wars; in the beginning they observed a strict regime, inflicting the severest punishment equally for murder, as for less severe faults as adultery, perjury and usuryand also tried to apply rigid Biblical standards to the social order of the time.

Bohemia promptly exploded in violence; Catholic priests were forced out of their parishes in many areas.

Hussite Wars

The priests in the time of the law of grace shall claim no ownership of worldly possessions. The article which prohibited the secular power of the clergy was almost reversed. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The other gun was called the pistala from the Czech word for flute, because of its shape, possibly became the word “pistol” in English.

His reactionary measures caused a ferment in the whole country, but he died in Hussite a member or follower of the religious movement begun by the Bohemian religious reformer John Huss c. Some Hussites embraced pacifism and were not involved in the wars, which they denounced. Several crusades against the Hussites were utterly routed by waes Czechs, whose military organization and tactics were much superior to those of their opponents.

After the beginning of the German Reformation, many Utraquists adopted to a large awrs the doctrines of Martin Luther and of John Calvin and, inobtained the repeal of the Compacts which no longer seemed sufficiently far-reaching. In order to avoid more losses, the enemy knights finally attacked. The ecclesiastical organization of Tabor had a somewhat puritanical character, and the government was sars on a thoroughly democratic basis.


Hussites were one of the most important jussite of the Protestant Reformation. This article includes a husslte of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

Hussites – Wikipedia

His authority was recognized by the Utraquist nobles, the citizens of Prague, and the more moderate Taborites. They invited a Bohemian embassy to appear at the Council of Basel. He argued that true Christianity was separate from the state, and had no recourse to the sword. These square Wagenburgs would often mutually support each other against the enemy.

The first one was defensive; the second one was offensive counterattacking. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. On March 23,Joan of Arc dictated a letter [9] that threatened to lead a crusading army against the Hussites unless hussitte returned to the Catholic faith, but her capture by Husssite and Burgundian troops two months later would keep her from carrying out this threat. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

They eventually reached the mouth of the Vistula where it enters the Baltic Sea near Danzig. In the end, it was an inconclusive war.