Channel radio control system instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 3PK User Manual. View and Download FUTABA 3PK instruction manual online. 3-CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM. 3PK Remote Control pdf manual download. View and Download FUTABA 3PKS instruction manual online. download. Also for: Magnum 3pk super. Remote Control FUTABA 3PK Instruction Manual.

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Current selected model only. Modifying for left-hand use 1. Although your radio does not have a battery to protect the model memories, it still should have regular checkups for wear and tear. Not futabx or supported by Futaba.

Futaba 3PK User Manual

A servo which responds too rapidly to a full-wheel input may cause the vehicle to oversteer; If you have purchased this product from an exporter outside your country, and not the authorized Futaba distributor in your country, please contact the seller immediately to determine if such export regulations have been met.

Technical updates and additional programming examples available at:. Fine tuning adjustment for the center point of each servo. The function set-up screen can be directly and quickly called with the special buttons for each of the eight functions, they can be freely manuwl as the Direct Selection Button function.

Level lv3 only servo view servo | Futaba 3PK User Manual | Page 39 / 68 | Original mode

Proportion of total front brake travel applied when full rear brake is applied. See Steering Dual Rate. Replace the NiCd battery pack or dry cell batteries. Allows receiver to draw power from a main battery pack, eliminating the need for and weight of a receiver battery. Adjust steering dual rate ST-DR: A pre-set throttle position, less than full throttle, to be used for the initial acceleration off the line without having wheel spin. Page 63 To use your transmitter on a different channel you simply purchase another module on that other channel and the radio is now properly tuned and safe and easy to use on that manuwl channel as well.


The current position is displayed on the LCD screen in the bottom three rows of the list. Inserting the RF module Insert the module while being careful that the majual side connector pins are not amnual. Not functional with models using a single servo to operate brakes and throttle. The programmable mixing 1 and pro- grammable mixing 2 set-up screens are independent. Programmable mix to set up differential steering similar to the brake mixing program but for 4-wheel steering or for 2-wheel steering using 2 servos and creating adjustable acumen: Digital Trim Operation Initial settings: Have regular maintenance performed.

Assigns functions to the 3 dials, 3 trimmers, and 3 switches on the radio. Throttle servo CH2 3: Idle-Up “IDLUP” Throttle system Use this function to improve the starting characteristics of the engine by raising the idling speed when starting the engine of a gas powered car.

Meaning Of Special Markings Have regular maintenance performed.

Level lv3 only servo view servo – Futaba 3PK User Manual

If vibration from the model cause a connector to work p3k while the model is in operation, you may lose control. Exponential creates a true curve, not a hard climb to a certain point then a softer climb from there. Selects the complexity of functions displayed on the menu screens.

Traditionally, janual rate on a car radio is used to describe a single rate that can be adjusted while driving. Quick Start Guide See p. Two programmable mixing systems can be used. Copies all settings, including model name, modulation, etc.

  HDSP 7501 PDF

To select the type, use the Menu type select function See page Dual rate is always active, except when the 2nd dual rate switch is pushed. User name display When the END button is held down for 1 futaga or longer at the initial screen, the Futaba logo and user name are displayed for about 2 seconds. The reset method can be selected from among the 3 types described below.

Please recognize that all information in this manual, and all support availability, is based upon the systems sold in North Connect and install the receiver and servos in accordance with “Installation Safety Precautions” on the next page. The menu type can be set for each model. The reason for this is that the FSU-1 responds to sudden data changes caused by A. Appendices Prior approval of the appropriate government authorities may be required.

Operation – When braking, mixing is applied to 2nd channel 3rd channel. This function is effective in such cases.

Page 77 Program mixing adjustment Setup item selection Preparation – Select by JOG button up, – Use the function select switch function page 79 to select the down, left or right operation. This function is not used when using a Futaba ESC.

The function menu can be selected from among the following 4 types to match the level of use.