The Sea Priestess is the title of a highly acclaimed novel, self published in by Dion Fortune. The protagonist of the story is a mild. The Sea Priestess is the highly acclaimed novel in which Dion Fortune introduces her most powerful fictional character, Vivien Le Fay Morgan- a practicing. The Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune – book cover, description, publication history.

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If you want a book that sex provides insight about spirituality and the duality dynamic between male and female, and speaks of goddesses– while all the while establishing the origins of what we call New Age now. This is a strange, strange artefact. The lodge was opened by walking around the room in a circle chanting, with the intent of building a psychic force up as a wall. Dion Fortune has such a good grasp on the underlying assumptions of her craft that she can give nuance and depth to both characters – they really are great characters and they carry the book well.

Newer Post Older Post Home. I see the moon and Isis in a very different way since reading this wonderful book, and many of its images and lines often come back to me in the still of a moonlit night. Pagan priestess or not, Fortune was born in a time priestdss bold female sexuality belonged only to whores.

A History of Spiritual Practices.

When Jiddu Krishnamurti abandoned Theosophy, causing problems for the Theosophical movement, Fortune endorsed the ‘Back to Blavatsky’ faction, attacking Leadbeater in print by accusing him of being a practitioner of black magic.

On April 13, at 9: I am absolutely sure that my pdiestess would not want to take me to bed whilst imagining some crumbling old god leering over us and nodding approval. One of John’s sons — and Fortune’s uncle — was the historian Charles Harding Firthwhile her father, Arthur, had run a Sheffield law firm prior to establishing a hydropathic establishment in Limpley StokeWiltshire.

Fortune believed in the existence of an underlying commonality between the teachings of Western esoteric orders and Asian religious traditions. This page was last edited on 7 Decemberpriesess There follows a passage of Dion Fortune writing at her evocative best, about the images he sees in the driving waves at the height of the storm on a fitful moonlit night between the dark of wind torn clouds.

The Sea Priestess – Moon Books Blog

To be fair, I do not understand swa who need to envision themselves as goddesses or as figures of myth and legend. Also, Fortune is a female author, and therefore, respects women–somethin While I wouldn’t say this book is a page-turner or the best literature, it’s an enjoyable book to read, especially for those interested in the occult and the western magickal tradition. I think if Dion Fortune had written this a couple centuries earlier she might have been burned at the dioj. Made of Carboniferous Limestone, it is a continuation sda the Mendip Hills.


Although she became the president of the Christian Mystic Lodge of the Theosophical Society, she believed the society to be uninterested in Christianity, and split from it to form the Community of the Inner Light, a group later renamed the Fraternity of the Inner Light.

I like this sort of stuff. Interestingly, Fortune herself seems to have been more like Vivien, who, as a priestess, did not indulge in sex. On May 29, at 8: It is the old story of prriestess jewels bought in the goblin market, which you must only look at by moonlight or you find them to be a handful of dead leaves.

University of California Press. It’s no Glastonbury Romance the Himalayas of an admittedly small genre but it’s worth the time of anyone interested in either depth psychology as understood in the thirties, goddess spirituality or the just plain not-quite-like-anything-else. Society of the Inner Light. So if I prieestess to write a review about how this book made me feel and what it did to me– I’d be revealing the most intimate aspects of my soul.

I think it would be a better book at half the length.

Anyway, back to the sex rite. As long as nothing is said, the thing you are pridstess remains in another dimension and is magical, but as soon as you speak it, you lose it.

After time spent at a horticultural college she began studying psychology and psychoanalysis at the University dortune London before working as a counsellor in a psychotherapy clinic. I told her it was. Oddly, Priestexs did consider herself to be a Christian, albeit a very unorthodox one, and considered both Christianity and the ancient Pagan religions of the West to be the right and proper traditions for the Anglo Saxon peoples. A light was placed on the altar while incense, usually frankincensewas burned.

The priestess is a cold fish who does not sully herself on the physical plane!

Talking men into killing themselves by promising them good fortune in the realms of the dead reminds me of Islamic suicide bombers who are told they will be blessed with virgins in heaven. The cliffs on the northern and southern flanks of Brean Down have large quantities of fossils laid down in the marine deposits about — million years ago. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Her immediate disappearance coincides with a rock fall in the cave temple in which she has been working, perhaps suggested to Dion Fortune by the explosion at the fort that caused its closure in And I priestesss why Morgan had said that on the inner planes the woman is positive and should take the initiative, for the Astral Plane is ruled by the moon and woman is her priestess; and when she comes in her ancient right, representing the moon, the moon-power is hers and she can fertilise the male with vitalising magnetic force.


It was an interesting experience making a visit to the site upon which the story is set. This work, with its somewhat forbidding academic title, was first published in Although this book is pridstess “classic” in spiritual novels and I was spellbound by the description of moon magic, mythology, rituals and the great occult wisdom by Dion Fortune I found it sometimes.

By using this site, you agree priestees the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The style of the novel is a free-flowing and deep as the sea itself.

The Sea Priestess

I need my spirituality a little more earthy. My advice for reading is to force yourself through to get to the second half.

Why isn’t being a human being, a real woman in the real world, sufficient for us and for our men? Fortune is recognised as one of the most significant occultists and ceremonial magicians of the early 20th century.

My fortunr part of the book was the setting. I loved him with his flaws, his temper and funny way of dealing with things endeared me to him quite a bit.

There are some really ludicrous ideas in this book, as you may have gleaned. The relationship between the two, while fascinating on a spiritual level, ends up being frustrating for Wilfred. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log prisetess