Club Car is not liable for errors in this manual or for incidental or consequential CARRYALL / and XRT / SE All-Wheel Drive Owner’s Manual . Page 1 .. Decal, Rotating Parts Warning (Diesel: on vehicle. This manual covers XRT , SE, IntelliTach, and Carryall , warded to all Club Car and Carryall distributors/dealers and will, when. CLUB CAR XRT PARTS MANUAL — TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction Brief Description Main Topic CLUB CAR XRT PARTS.

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Table of contents Maintenance And Service Table Of Contents Using A Booster Battery jump Starting Cleaning The Vehicle Front Body Repair Front Body Components Front Fascia Removal Center Cowl Panel Installation Front Fender Flare Removal Seat Support Removal Safety Belt Installation Bed Lift Motor Installation Cargo Bed — Manual Lift Accelerator Pedal Installation Brake Pedal Adjustment Brake System Inspection Brake System Troubleshooting Brake Pads And Caliper Brake Disc And Hub Rear Wheel Disc Removal Rear Wheel Disc Installation Hydraulic Line Replacement Rear Brake Line Removal Rear Brake Line Installation Master Cylinder And Reservoir Master Cylinder Removal Bleeding The Hydraulic Brake System Purging The Hydraulic System Park Brake System Park Brake Wheel Cables Front Park Brake Cable Removal Front Park Brake Cable Installation Steering Wheel Installation Steering Column Installation crt Rack And Pinion Installation Rack And Pinion Disassembly Rack And Manula Assembly Front Suspension Components Upper A-arm Removal Upper A-arm Installation Lower A-arm Installation Front Coil-over Shock Absorber Removal Front Coil-over Shock Absorber Installation Rear Coil-over Shock Absorber Swing Arm Installation Periodic Service Schedule Periodic Lubrication Schedule Brake Fluid Reservoir Engine Oil Level Check Hydraulic System — Intellitach Vehicle Engine Coolant — Diesel Vehicles Draining Water From Fuel Filter Spark Plug Cleaning And Inspection Index Of Test Procedures Starter And Starter Solenoid Volt Accessory Receptacle Bed Lift Switch Reverse Warning Buzzer if Equipped Front Differential Limit Switch Fuel Level Sending Unit Oil Pressure Sensor Wire Harness Diodes Reverse Warning Buzzer Reverse Warning Buzzer Limit Switch Amp Fusible Link Mxnual Lift Circuit Breaker Electric Fuel Pump Oil Filter Hoses Intermediate Pipe Removal Fuel Shut-off Valve Engine Control Linkages Engine Governor Arm Engine Rpm Adjustment Air Intake System Air Canister Removal Air Filter Intake Hose Removal Air Filter Outlet Hose Removal Intermediate Pipe Installation Accelerator Cable Retention Clip Adjustment Ground Speed transmission Governor Arm Adjustment Choke And Air Intake System Choke Cable Removal janual Choke Cable Installation Air Canister Installation Air Filter Intake Hose Installation Air Filter Outlet Hose Installation Manifold Pipe Removal Driven Clutch Disassembly Half Shaft Installation Front Differential Installation Front Driveshaft Installation Rear Axle Installation Rear Driveshaft Installation Coolant Reservoir Installation Coolant Cclub Weldment Attachment Arm Float Switch Auxiliary Hydraulic Switch Auxiliary Cylinder optional Cylinder Bushings if Equipped