Aastra ip software. Whether your business is looking to move your communications systems to the cloud, to improve your customer experience with a new. Please use the new «Software Download Center» (access via Mitel Bitte benutzen Sie das neue «Software Download Center» (Zugang via Mitel MiAccess). Welcome to the User’s Guide for the softphone Aastra ip for Aastra commu- nications systems. This User’s Guide will assist you with the use of your.

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The enquiry call party is called. Your callback request will automatically be cancelled by the system after about half an hour. Almost all hardware and software designations. To call the help in the menu: The products and programs described in this User s Manual are licensed products of More information. If required, enter the first few letters of the town s name name and town name separated by a space until the user or a list is displayed.

If the called party does not answer, you can also request a callback. Select your input and output device and the corresponding settings. Thus users can even dial directly from the Outlook contacts and if necessary record their conversation on the PC.

Aastra ip software download

For more information refer to your headset s operating instructions. The display shows a list of the last unanswered calls. Settings Output device Open the context menu in the phone window and select Settings. Aastra Aastra Aastra This user’s guide describes the integrated voice mail.


Softphone Getting Started Guide.

Need to enable your mobile workers, keeping them connected at all times? Select the Hotkeys tab. Changing your password 4. When searching in external phone books you must always enter portions of the first and last name and possibly of the town name. The surname and first name have to be separated by a space, for example “no s” for Noble Stephen.

Your phone automatically stores the phone number of this user in a calllist and the display reads Missed calls. Settings – Audio Open the context menu in the phone window and select Settings.

All the important functions call log or telephone book are available using a mouse click. During this time you can use and the softphone without limitation.

Telephone User Guide and Models May Introduction – the and Telephone Your telephone provides many features, including a Phone screen for aaastra and managing your calls, a History. For dialling by name, enter the corresponding letters in the telephony window axstra the user you want or a list is displayed.

Aastra has video conferencing solutions to meet your needs. This product and the user information belonging to it have been produced with the utmost care.


Aastra 2380ip software download

The Verizon and More information. In most cases, your system administrator will have already made these settings for the devices you use. Dialling from the phone book Enter the first few letters of the name you want until the user or a list appears. Dialling with the Phone Number You want to call someone and key in that person’s phone number. If aasta softphone is not available, calls are routed to a substitute destination set up by the system administrator.

You can dial the person by double-clicking the corresponding key.

Aastra IntelliGate Communications Systems A150 A Aastra 2380ip User s Guide

Answered calls Scroll to the Answered calls call list and press the Ok Foxkey. With your Aastra ip you can directly call a selected contact from Outlook [d]. To activate a callback request: To make this website work, we log user data and aastrs it with processors. Table of contents Introduction Place a call using the handset Pick up the handset and enter a number.

To scroll in the menus, use the application s foxkeys, your PC keyboard or your mouse.